5 Easy Steps To Register Online:


1. Effectively from 7th March 2016, all online course registration will be integrated with the myPay portal (Government's Online Payment Portal) for course / seminar / other fee payment.

2. Please be informed, inline with the new payment policy, commencing 16th March 2015 participant are required to arrange the payment for the selected course within One (1) day/(24 hours) upon completion of online registration.

3. Acceptable payment methods are CASH (at NIOSH premises), Online Payment or Online Transfer, or Local Order ONLY. Personal cheques are NOT accepted. For government sectors, a local order or a letter of approval to attend the course is acceptable.

4. Payment via CASH DEPOSIT MACHINE(CDM) or CHEQUE DEPOSIT MACHINE(CCD) or AUTO TELLER MACHINE(ATM) is NOT ACCEPTED. Effective 1 November 2018, NIOSH's bank will terminate the payment access via this method. Please be reminded that NIOSH will not refund any overpaid fee, if they made payment through such methods.

5. Please promptly send payment proof together with NIOSH's payment advice to account@niosh.com.my AND participant(s) are required to bring along this copy of payment proof during course/program date.

Kindly contact the secretariat for more detail. If you would like to edit you course registered, please email us at webmaster@niosh.com.my and we will contact you as soon as possbible.